Are you feeling the pressure of creating a good bedtime routine for your child? When it comes to getting your little ones off to sleep there are a number of problems that can arise, and these can easily snowball into long-term issues with sleep. Whatever the reason behind it, lack of sleep in children can not only have an impact on them during the day leading to lack of concentration and irritability but can also make getting things done as a parent much harder. With the Car Bed Shop’s guide to creating a healthy bedtime routine for your child, we can help take the pressure off bedtime – not just for the children, but for you as well. Read on to find out how our car beds for boys and girls can help improve bedtime.

With such a huge emphasis being placed on nighttime routines, it is easy to get bogged down in the pressure of it all. But is it possible that you can make a big difference with just a few simple changes?

Is routine really so important for a good night’s sleep?

When it comes to bedtime, having a routine in place can help you unwind, relax and drift off with ease, and this isn’t just true for children. Think about what you do before getting into bed, do you make a drink? Have a bath? Read a book? Whatever it is you do to unwind, the likelihood is you do it regularly, as a matter of routine.

A healthy bedtime routine for your children can offer familiarity, comfort and safety, allowing them to drift off to sleep more easily – so how is it done?

Whilst some studies suggest that consistency is key, there are a range of conflicting ideas around what makes a good night time routine. This can be confusing –  adding unnecessary stress to an already tricky situation – but we are here to make things simple with three easy things you can do to create a straight-forward, healthy bedtime routine.

Create a positive association

It may sound obvious, but if you have been having ongoing issues when it comes to bedtime, your child is likely to be dreading it just as much as you are. If there are worries, stress or anxiety around going to bed, your child is likely to do whatever they can to avoid it, and so the vicious cycle begins.

By making slight changes to your routine, you can start adjusting how your child thinks of bedtime, and this is actually easier than you think! What does your child love? What makes them feel secure? One of the reasons our car beds are so successful is that they give children a feeling of security and control, but you can achieve this in a number of ways simply by determining what your child loves.

Give yourself at least 1 full hour to settle your child down, bearing in mind that the more you do this the shorter that window of time will get as they become more familiar and comfortable with the new routine. It can take a little time at the start to figure out what they respond well to and what falls short of the mark but keep at it and the effort will pay off.

Allow a little fun

Many sources will tell you that encouraging excitement around bedtime is detrimental for a healthy night time routine, however it’s all about compromise. Finding a balance between what is going to motivate your child to go to bed and what will also provide them with feelings of happiness and safety is the main thing here. Although it can be tricky at first – you can do it.

Whether it is a boardgame, a story book or a ride in their racing car bed, there are ways of incorporating a little bit of fun that will help reinforce those positive associations with bedtime, and also work at tiring them out too!

Bring bedtime to life

There is a reason why bedtime stories have long since been the go-to night time activity for children. That’s because they allow a child’s mind to create positive, engaging imagery. Bringing bedtime to life in this way can not only provide routine but can also give your child something to look forward too instead.

Our car beds are known for encouraging lively, active story times before hitting the hay. So, whatever the story, bring bedtime to life

How can Car Bed Shop help with your children’s bedtime routine?

Whilst a lot of our passion lies in motorsport, we also want to create a functional and beneficial piece of furniture for children and their families. If you have a car-mad child, our race car beds can make for the perfect tool for a healthy bedtime routine.

We sell car beds for boys as well as ones that your little girl will love, catering to a range of budgets so that you can findnighttimeime solution to suit you. If you would like to get further information you can contact us on 01924 46 3333 or send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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