Exciting car toys we love for car fanatic kids

There are certain toys that are firm favourites with most kids, and lots of them go through a car phase. We can see why. Cars are so much fun. They’re colourful, fast, and noisy. Most kids can’t wait until they are old enough to drive one. Lots of them are in awe.

So it stands to reason that kids love car toys. There are so many games they can play with cars. Their little imaginations can run wild, and car toys can keep them interested for hours on end.

If your little one loves cars, you might think they have every single car toy on offer. We hope we can help. Here are our top exciting car toys for your car fanatic kid.

  • Car beds

Your kid might have every form of car toy available, but do they have a car bed?

Here at Car Bed Shop, we sell beds in a number of fun and fascinating shapes, from race cars to police cars! They come with flashlights, sound effects, and Bluetooth connectivity. That means your little one can fully immerse themselves in the world of cars for hours at a time.

You can buy a car bed from Car Bed Shop for a really reasonable price, and there are cars for every type of car lover out there. They have safety bars for toddlers, and are single bed size, which means they are even good for your car-loving teenagers!

  • Electric cars

As long as you have an enclosed space for them to play in – because let’s face it, they’ll head straight to the road if given a chance – electric cars are an incredible car toy for kids.

Just plug them in to charge them up, and then supervise your little one whilst they whizz around the garden in an electric car in a shape of their choice. We love this Landrover Defender!

Reaching speeds of six miles an hour, they’re not going to be able to go fast enough to harm themselves seriously, but the vehicle comes with two safety belts anyway.

  • Hot Wheels

When it comes to car toys, Hot Wheels are probably the best known brand. They’ve been making car toys for many years, and their kits are incredibly fun.

For those kids who like fast moving, spinning cars, we absolutely love the Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set, which has three high action crash zones and three speed boosters. It’ll keep your kid entertained for hours!

If it’s racing your kids like, try the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dash, which comes with two cars.

  • Scalextric

Who didn’t love Scalextric when they were kids? How many Christmas mornings did you spend racing your family or friends around a Scalextric track?

With Scalextric, you get all the thrill of a fast moving vehicle without the danger. These days, there are so many different track variations that there is something for you whether you like turns and twists, or loops and swoops.

If your kiddies love comics, this Scalextric Batman Vs Joker set is the perfect gift! At £49.95, it’s reasonably priced, too.

  • Car bedroom accessories

If your kid really loves cars and you already have your car bed sorted, why not transform your kid’s bedroom into a garage, to extend the fun even further! Having a bedroom that is entirely themed is a great way to keep your kids completely engaged in playtime, because there’s something new to do every which way they turn.

This Champion Racer Gallon Storage Bottle makes a great nightstand or toy box, and your kids can pretend they’re using it to refuel their car bed.

This Champion Racer Petrol Dresser is the perfect addition to any car themed bedroom. Aside from being practical, high quality and attractive, your kids can let their imagination run wild, by pretending they’re running their very own garage.

We sell desks, shelves and wardrobes, to completely overhaul the look and feel of your little one’s bedroom. You can browse our full range here.

You can also choose from two racer duvet sets.

  • Waytoplay Rubber Toy Car Track Set

For the littlest kiddies out there, you want a car toy that is safe, soft, but entertaining. We found this lovely rubber toy car track set, which can be extended over time to keep your kids entertained.

It doesn’t come with any cars, which means you can buy whatever type of car your kid loves most to enjoy on this track, changing their cars regularly in order to keep play interesting as time moves on.

To add another element of entertainment to this set, add toy houses, trees and other elements, then sit back and enjoy watching your child create entire worlds around their love of cars. You can find great world-building toys on Amazon and eBay, or even in your local charity shop.

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