Guide to choosing the perfect bedroom decor for your child

Guide to choosing the perfect bedroom decor for your child

At the Car Bed Shop, we believe choosing bedroom decor for your child is extremely important – whether it is their first bedroom, or you just plan on redecorating. There are a variety of factors to consider including, theme, space, comfort and practicality, all of which must be well thought out before the decorating and bed-buying process can begin.

Top 9 tips for selecting the right furnishings for your child’s room

 1. Measure your space

 We provide car beds for a variety of spaces. They can fit in any room that accommodates a bed of up to 235cm in length, 130cm in width and 65cm in height. Our GT88 Race Car Bed in red and white can fit into much smaller rooms, so your child can still feel like they are on the road even in their little box room.

We also offer transition car beds for when your child is moving from cot to bed. Our Turbo Racing car bed is 215cm x 111cm x 60cm, the perfect size to make the switch a smooth ride.

2. Choose a themed car bed

The Car Bed Shop is the number one UK retailer for Speedster, the European manufacturer of racing car beds. We offer a range of car themed beds for boys and girls of various ages. We have numerous car bed ranges to suit everyone including our premier and standard ranges, as well as our super and hyper car beds, which cater to any budget or size preferences.

Here at the Car Bed Shop, you have plenty of designs to choose from. You can either indulge your child with their very own Ferrari car bed or keep it simple with our GT1F race car beds, which are equally amazing.  Most of our standard beds come with spoilers, headlights, LED lights and wheels, as well as exhilarating theme tunes and sounds which are remote-controlled. Some of our hyper cars also have workable doors, allowing your child’s imagination to run wild.

We also have our special Girls’ Pink Princess Carriage bed, which includes steps allowing your little princess to step into bed with ease.

Guide to choosing the perfect bedroom decor for your child

3. Select a colour

Colour is completely up to you or your child. We have a wide array of colours and shades to choose from including red, blue, white, black and eclectic colours, which are guaranteed to brighten up your child’s room.

4. Make your space safe

All our beds are built to provide a safe and comfortable space for your child. Which is why most of our beds have built-in headboards that mimic the back of a car, ensuring that your child is safe, and their head is well-supported.

Our beds are a great investment as they offer extensive durability due to their antibacterial and scratch resistant surface, allowing them to last for a long time.

5. Pick a mattress

When selecting a mattress, it is important you choose the correct one for your child to ensure that they have a comfortable sleep every night. We offer a range of high-quality single mattresses at an additional cost to all beds. The mattresses we supply are:

It is also important to choose the right size mattress to fit perfectly with your car bed. Our mattresses are no bigger than 190cm in length and 90cm in width, which is the ideal size for a growing child. The GT88 race car bed accommodates a slightly smaller mattress size of 170cm in length and 70cm in width.

All our mattresses include a warranty for up to one year, ensuring you are covered and comfortable.

Guide to choosing the perfect bedroom decor for your child

6. Cover up

Make your child’s racing dreams come true with our Night Racer duvet cover set, which includes a cotton duvet cover and pillowcase. Blue, red and white in colour, it matches any of our car beds perfectly and is guaranteed to take any race car-themed room to the next level.

Guide to choosing the perfect bedroom decor for your child

7. Match your furniture

At the Car Bed Shop, we offer our customers matching furniture to complement our fantastic car beds. The car bed furniture range can help transform your child’s bedroom. It takes the motorsport theme up another gear., as well as providing the perfect storage solution for your child’s belongings.

Our Champion Racer furniture collection includes:

Our furniture is extremely durable as it is made up of high-quality materials to ensure that it sustains wear and tear. So, if your child desires a car-themed room until their teenage years, our well-constructed fittings will see you through.

Guide to choosing the perfect bedroom decor for your child

8. Get it quick  

We provide quick and efficient UK delivery within three to seven working days, making sure your child is in their dream bed as quickly as possible. In order to ensure accurate delivery, we will ask you to provide us with your mobile number during the checkout process – this allows us to inform you of the exact delivery date.

9. Hassle-free fitting

In order to make the fitting process quick and efficient, you must ensure that you remove your old bed out of the room before fitting your brand-new car bed. You can seek guidance on this from your local council – who may be able to collect it – or, if you have a wooden bed, they can provide you with details of local recycling centres.

Once your old bed is gone, it is out with the old in with your new car bed! For hassle-free fitting, we offer an optional fitting service for just £75 for all our premier range, as well as our super and hyper cars. This service is designed to make your life easier without the hassle of assembling, and most of our beds can be fitted within three to four weeks.

If you do wish to assemble the bed yourself you can easily do so, as our beds are designed for simple setup. If your child is completely car-obsessed or you are looking for the ideal princess bed, the Car Bed Shop can help you create the bedroom of their dreams.

For further information on our products please contact us today by email or call us on 01924 463333.

Guide to choosing the perfect bedroom decor for your child

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