Most children go through the transition from crib to toddler bed, which usually happens around your child’s first to third birthday, or whenever you feel they are ready for a ‘big bed’. This change is a big step for both of you and it’s important to find a bed that is suitable, secure and comfortable enough for your child to get the rest they need.

Here at the Car Bed Shop, we understand the importance of this transition, which is why we have compiled our guide to choosing a suitable toddler bed for your child.

4 steps to follow when choosing a toddler bed

 1. Select a theme

One of the main difficulties with moving your child into a toddler bed is that they may be reluctant or scared to sleep in a proper bed. Which is why the theme of the bed is important – choosing a child-friendly design will entice your child into sleeping in their new bed.

At the Car Bed Shop, we offer an assortment of race car themed beds that are perfect for your child’s first bed. Our Flash GT Race car bed is a great choice for your little car-fanatic, as it is extremely safe due to its raised sides and robust structure. Although, the best part is the innovative design, which includes LED lights and a high-quality sound system that will ensure bedtime is the highlight of your child’s day.

How to choose the right bed for your toddler

2. Choose the right size

Although it is referred to as moving to a ‘big bed’, you should make sure that your bed is the perfect size for your child – not too big or even too small.

We offer an array of car beds in various sizes, including our GT88 race car bed, which is an ideal fit for even the smallest of box rooms. It is also the perfect size for a toddler bed, allowing for a smooth changeover, as a smaller bed will be less overwhelming for your child.

How to choose the right bed for your toddler

3. Check the safety features

One of the most important elements to consider when choosing a bed for your toddler is whether it is secure enough to give you the peace of mind that they are safe and sound in bed.

All our car beds are constructed with extensive safety features, such as supportive slatted bases, raised side panels, and antibacterial surfaces which provides sufficient comfort and protects your child.

How to choose the right bed for your toddler

4. Select a suitable mattress

Whilst choosing the right bed is important, it is also vital that you select the right mattress – one that fits the bed correctly and provides the comfort your child needs for a good night’s sleep.

We stock an array of mattresses that are ideal for growing children. One of our most popular is our memory foam mattress, which is not only extremely comfortable but also helps to protect your child due to its hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant material. The mattress cover is also removable and washable, which is perfect for quickly cleaning up any little accidents.

How to choose the right bed for your toddler


Purchase your toddler’s car bed today!

Here at the Car Bed Shop, we provide bedroom furnishings that cater for all our clients’ needs – be it choosing the first bed for your toddler or finding a bed that will last them through to their teens – we have it all.

For further information on our car bed products, please contact us via email or speak directly to one of our customer advisers on 01924 463 333.


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