Do you find it difficult to get your child settled at bedtime? Here at the Car Bed Shop, we understand how hard bedtime can be for you and your child, which is why we provide the best quality race-car-themed furniture for your child’s bedroom. This is a great way to improve your child’s bedtime routine, as it will entertain your child and will have them running to their race car bedroom at night.

There are a number of ways our race car décor will encourage your children to get to bed. Just follow our simple steps and we can assure that bedtime will be a breeze once again.

Top 3 tips for making your child’s bedtime routine enjoyable

1. Select the perfect bedroom décor

To make your child feel as though they are entering the race car track once bedtime comes around, we offer our race car inspired décor. This includes everything from our race car beds and race car bedding to spoiler shelves and champion racer dressers – which are guaranteed to improve your child’s bedtime routine.

Choosing the right bed for your child is the most important feature to consider when decorating, especially if your child dislikes bedtime. For a toddler who struggles with sleep, our Flash GT race car bed is the perfect transition bed. This has all the features of a real-life race car, including car sounds and lights, which can also be used as a night light to soothe your child.

If you have an older child who refuses to go to bed, we have unlimited options. If your child is a true race car fan, you can make bedtime their favourite time of the day by choosing the red or white Maserati Turismo Sport or even their first Ferrari 458 car bed.

How to make bedtime appealing for your child

2. Create a playful bedtime routine

Does your child find bedtime boring? This is usually the case, as they can see the rest of the family staying awake and enjoying themselves, whilst they are forced to go to bed. This is where our interactive car beds come into play, as they can still have fun whilst they are settled in bed.

One of the most entertaining beds we have in stock is our Speedster police racing car bed, which features LED police lights and sounds, will make your child feel as though they are fighting crime before bed. This will not only excite them but will also tire them out, making sure they have a great sleep.

How to make bedtime appealing for your child

3. Let your child make bedtime decisions

If you have an older child that refuses to go to sleep, it is usually because they feel like they are being babied. The best way to remedy this is by giving them some sort of decision-making power during bedtime.

Our race car beds have excellent features that will make sure your child feels in control before going to sleep. For example, our Speedster Ventura, which can be operated using a key fob and remote control to allow your child to change sounds and lights when they want. This will not only entertain them but will also give them a sense of independence at bedtime.

How to make bedtime appealing for your child

Get in touch with the Car Bed Shop

As one of the UK’s most exclusive retailers of the Speedster car bed range, we only offer the best quality race-car-themed furniture. Bedtime will become something your child looks forward to – a fun and relaxing time for them to enjoy their brand-new race car bedroom.

Browse our full collection today, or for further information on our race car beds, you can contact us by calling 01924 46 3333. Alternatively, you can email us on and we will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.

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