Is it time to transition your child from a cot bed to a toddler bed?

Transitioning your child to a different sleeping arrangement is not something that many parents look forward to. Changing from a cot to a toddler bed can be challenging. The thought that your child might not stay put in their new bed once they figure out that they can leave freely puts most parents off. Your child has been restrained thus far, but how will they react when they can get in and out of bed freely?

Although worrying, with the right information and the right approach, this move can be less stressful than you might imagine. You’ll quickly get your bedtime routine back on track if you are consistent in your approach. Your child will be sleeping soundly in their new toddler bed in no time.

Is it time to transition your child from the cot bed to the toddler bed?

There is no right time. Research shows most children make this transition somewhere between eighteen months three and a half years old. Often, your child will give you indications of when it is time. These include:

  • Trying to climb or escape from their existing sleeping arrangement, which might leave you worried they will hurt themselves.
  • Showing enthusiasm around toilet training, and getting up in the night to visit the bathroom.
  • Outgrowing their baby bed, so that it is no longer comfortable for them to move around, or sprawl. This will mean they are generally less settled.

Though your child might physically need a different bed, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be happy about it. Humans – especially babies – are creatures of habit and slaves to routine. Big changes like these ones can leave them feeling unsettled and restless. You might find them climbing out of their new bed to get your attention, or refusing to go to sleep.

There are many cots you can buy that are carefully designed to last your child until they’re well beyond toddler age – sometimes up to six years old.

How to make the transition from cot to toddler bed

Your child might be excited for their move to the big bed at first, or alternatively nervous by the prospect of leaving the comfort of the cot behind. There are ways you can encourage the transition from cot to bed, including:

  • Being transparent with your little one, and giving them time to get used to the idea before you go ahead with the transition.
  • Encourage people who see your child to offer words of encouragement and instill positive association with the new move.
  • Take your little one with you, or have them assist in the purchasing of the new bed. Choosing their own design and taking their choice of decor and duvet into consideration will make them excited.
  • Keep their comfort toys in the new space, such as teddies and favourite blankets.
  • Keep the bed in the same place as the last bed, so that your child is familiar with their sleeping area.

Above all else, remain patient with your child, and give them the time they need to get used to the new move and change. You might start to see your child more often after bedtime, as they might climb out of bed and come to find you. Sticking to a bedtime routine, being kind and understanding, but also remaining firm, should help with the process. Persevere. If you give in and allow unhealthy habits to form, they’ll be very difficult to break.

Can a car bed help toddlers to sleep in their own room?

A special bed like the ones we make here at Car Bed Shop might help your child transition easier. Our car beds are attractive, exciting and unique. They’ll almost certainly impress your child, especially if they love cars. They’re suitable for children aged between eighteen months and fifteen years, and we’re the biggest UK supplier of car beds. That means we have a whole load of positive reviews. When it comes to car beds, we know what we’re doing. We can assist you to make the moto-themed bedroom of your child’s dreams.

Is it time to transition your child from a cot bed to a toddler bed?

Car themed accessories available too!

Aside from children’s beds, Car Bed Shop also sells themed accessories and furniture, including duvets, wardrobes, drawers, shelves, and more. You can totally kit out your child’s bedroom with the Car Bed Shop, and perhaps an overhaul is what is needed, if you’re making a big transition anyway. Let’s get your little one excited about bedtime again!

There’s free delivery and an installation service available, and we deliver all across Europe and the rest of the world. Our prices are the best around, but if you find a similar bed cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match it and give you a free accessory.

This is a huge milestone for toddlers, and we would love to be a part of it. Browse our wide range of car beds today.


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