Having a toddler can keep you on your toes. It can be a struggle. Perhaps you’re super busy and don’t have time to come up with new ideas for things to do with your little one. In this article, we’ll help you think of super fun things to do with your kiddies to keep them happy and entertained in the summer.

Start at home

If you’re looking to keep your toddler happy and entertained it’s a great idea to start at home. It can be tempting to take them out to a park or soft play area, but that leaves you with little choice but to give them your undivided attention, and let’s face it, sometimes us toddler guardians need a little time to ourselves. Luckily, you can transform the way your toddler feels about their most important room, their bedroom. If you’re clever about using this space, you can keep your little one happy and entertained for ages.

The best thing to do this is with shapes and sensory activities that they can enjoy. Toddlers are incredibly curious and fascinated by lights and sounds.

You can introduce shapes and sensory activities across your home fairly easily – it can be as simple as pointing out shapes and discussing what they look like. You can then talk about the features of these shapes, asking questions like:

  • What colour is the shape?
  • How many sides does it have?
  • Are the sides curved or straight?
  • How many corners are on the shape?

Other ways of bringing sensory activities into your home

Sensory activities are amazing for keeping your toddler happy and teaching them new things. Quick and easy to create and introduce, a series of sensory activities is the easiest way to keep your toddler happy this summer.

Our toddlers use their whole bodies to learn and use sensory activities to develop their sight, sound and touch capabilities. Sensory activities should stimulate your child and encourage them to look at, touch or listen. Those noisy toys your family buy your toddler are annoying, but they’re also beneficial to their learning and development. But you can make toys like this relatively easily yourself, or incorporate sensory objects into your regular furniture.

Sensory activities bring bundles of new experiences, and materials and textures can be very calming.

They help with your toddler’s:

  • Brain development
  • Language development
  • Problem solving 
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Gross motor coordination
  • Identifying colours and shapes
  • Cognitive growth
  • Social interaction
  • Awareness
  • Comforting
  • Adaptability

Transform your child’s bedroom into a sensory heaven

Here at Car Bed Shop, we have the ultimate sensory opportunity for you. Our interactive car beds come in a range of styles and colours, with LED lights and sounds. They have leather seats at the back and are built to look exactly like some of your favourite race cars. With raised sides, they are absolutely perfect for toddlers, because you don’t need to worry they might fall out.

They’ll also encourage your child to sleep, because they’ll want to spend time in their comfortable and quirky bed.

They can be purchased with snazzy, colourful duvet covers and a range of accessories, including a garage themed bed and night table, and wardrobes and desks that look as though they have come straight from a garage. They’ll transform your toddler’s bedroom into a colourful, noisy, exciting place to be, and stimulate your child’s sight, touch and hearing sensors whenever they’re in there. Whether your toddler is old enough to play alone or still needs your supervision, a car bed and accessories is the perfect form of summer sensory stimulation. Because they’re single bed size, they’ll last your little car lover until they’re in their teens.

Other sensory activities for your child

You can make a sensory activity out of almost anything, so long as it is safe. Brightly coloured blankets and pillows are perfect sensory items for your little one, who will love running their hands through the tassels. You can make interesting musical instruments and rattles by putting dried rice in a bottle and gluing the lid on. Take your toddler’s dolly for a little bath in the sink and let your toddler enjoy the water through their fingers, and the way the sponge feels when it is wet and then squeezed dry. If your child is old enough, pop an item in a cloth bag and ask your child to feel it and figure out what is inside. Take them outside to smell the flowers, let them run shoeless through the grass, or encourage them to help you weed and dig up dirt. Anything that impacts their touch, sight, smell and hearing is a sensory activity for a toddler, and you can turn almost everything into a learning experience.

The world is a fascinating world for a little one. Take some time to try to remember how amazing everything was to you when you were little, and you’ll find fun activities for your toddler absolutely everywhere.

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