In today’s huge market for unique furniture products, you can find a wealth of variety catering to the decorative elements of your toddler’s bedroom. Among the coolest and most popular items are car beds. Perfect for little boys or girls with an interest in cars, these beds also look fantastic. You can accessorise the room to make it look like a garage and suddenly you might go from a toddler who doesn’t like spending time in their bedroom (or getting into bed) to one who loves their new room.

Here at Car Bed Shop, we have a huge range of products for you to explore with your little one. So many that you might be confused!

To help you, here are our top five picks. Ready… set… go!

The BMW GTI race car bed

This bed is one of the coolest ones we stock.

Top 5 unique car beds for toddlers

Perfect for toddlers who are looking for a suave looking car bed, this racer comes with all the kit. It’s ideal for little ones who really love racing. There’ll be no more struggling, they’ll be absolutely desperate to get in there.

With its slender build, rear spoiler and flamed design, this bed is trendy and fashionable, so it will fit into any room where aesthetics are important. It comes with alloy wheels and a high gloss finish, which means it’s perfectly preened and pleasing to the eye.

This bed holds a standard single mattress, which means it will last your toddler years, even stretching into their early teen years.

The BMW GTI Race Car bed comes with:

·        Rear Spoiler

·        Headlights

·        LED wheel lights

·        Sounds

·        Light and sounds operated by your very own remote key fob.

The Red Ferrari 458

This car has bluetooth connectivity and comes in three classic colours; red, white and black. It will send your toddler’s heart racing with excitement.

unique car beds, Top 5 unique car beds for toddlers

Most of us dream about a Ferrari one day. If you buy this bed, your toddler can say they have their very own supercar! With unmistakable charm, this bed comes with iconic styling, which means it is immediately identifiable. It will fuel your little one’s passion and imagination.

This bed is perfect for toddlers and children up to their early teens. With its raised sides, you can sleep peacefully knowing your little one will not roll over the side and hurt themselves.

This bed fits a standard UK single mattress. Choose a high quality one, to make sure your toddler has a blissful night of sleep.

This car bed’s features include:

·        LED lights on front eye sides

·        LED lights on front bumper sliding

·        LED wheels

·        Bluetooth connectivity

·        Remote controller to manage lights and sounds

·        Spoiler

·        4 different music themes

·        12 piece slats under mattress

·        3.5 MM abs body

·        Available in white, red or black

·        Mains powered

It is also scratch resistant, easy to assemble, and comes with an antibacterial surface.



The GT Turbo

From our hyper car range, meet the GT Turbo. This is an exciting bed. With a super high specification, the GT Turbo will satisfy your toddler’s need for (imaginary) speed. It’s lightweight, strong, rigid, impact resistant, and made from high quality ABS thermoplastic, which gives it that bit of flexibility (ideal if you have a toddler who likes jumping!).

Top 5 unique car beds for toddlers

This car bed includes the following features:

·        Bluetooth connectivity

·        Full leather interior

·        Fog lights

·        Two opening doors

·        Leather back seat

·        4 different sound choices

·        LED headlights

·        Sliding lights at the front bumper

·        LED lights on the wheels

·        LED lights under the floor

·        Remote control with 4 different functions for LED lights and sound system

·        ABS ultra-glossy surface at all points of the car including wheels, windows and rims

·        Slatted base

It’s scratch resistant and easy to assemble.

The GT1 Ottoman racer bed

This is a Car Bed Shop exclusive and will create an exciting bedtime experience for your little one. Your future Formula 1 champion will be the first to the finish line in snoozeville with this bed from our ottoman range.

unique car beds, Top 5 unique car beds for toddlers

This centerpiece will add character and fun to your toddler’s sleeping space, and the underside of the bed can be used as a handy toy box or clothing storage space. This gas powered lift up ottoman style system is easy to use and incredibly useful, especially if you have a toddler you like to spoil with a lot of stuff.

The bed includes a sprung slatted base for extra comfort, which also helps with prolonging a mattress’ life. It has a rear spoiler and flame design for that speed racer edge. The GT1 incorporates a cool sporty design and includes alloy wheels, as well as a high gloss finish.

Features include:

·        Spoiler

·        LED headlights light

It has an ABS thermoplastic front, MDF wood sides, and is easy to assemble.

NYPD Police racing car bed

If your little one loves cops and robbers, this is the bed for them. Your little trainee police officer will be at the scene of their pillows in record time. This is the ultimate police supercar bed. After a hard day of fighting crime, your toddler will dream about the good deeds they have done from their very own supercar patrol vehicle.

unique car beds, Top 5 unique car beds for toddlers

With a cool, modern design, this car comes in clean white, and has six air scoops built into the front spoiler, along with two side scoops. As will all of our supercar range, the excitement begins when the sound system and lights are activated.

This car includes:

·        Full leather interior

·        Bluetooth

·        Front fog lights

·        Premium recaro seats

·        LED lights on all 4 wheels

·        LED lights on front eye sides

·        LED lights on front bumper sliding

·        LED lights under side of body

·        Sounds

·        Remote control to manage lights and sounds

·        12 piece slats under mattress

·        Rear leather seat

·        Side leather padding

·        Doors opening

·        3.5 MM Abs body


This is the perfect way to encourage your toddler from cot bed to big bed.

If you want to buy your little one a car bed, why not browse our supercar range and get them to help you choose which car they would like. We’d be happy to talk you through any key features and answer any of your questions. Email or call 01924 46 33 33.

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