Here at the Car Bed Shop, we understand that choosing a bed for your child is a big decision to make, as you want to make sure they are comfortable, secure and happy in their own bed.

We offer an array of single car beds that are perfect for any budding race-car enthusiasts. Your little racer can happily drift off to sleep in their favourite car model, whilst you enjoy the peace of mind that your child is safe and getting the rest they need.


The top 3 benefits of our single car beds


1. Diverse designs

Why a single car bed is perfect for your child?


We provide a range of single car beds that cater to all our customers’ design requirements, to ensure that you find the perfect car bed to fit with your child’s bedroom décor.

Firstly, our standard range offers you a choice of ten uniquely designed beds, including our CX5 race car bed, which comes in blue or red and is the perfect high-quality budget bed for any race-car themed room.

Our premier range is designed for the more adventurous Formula 1 fan with five exclusive beds to choose from. You can make your child’s dreams come true with their first BMWFerrari 458 or Maserati Turismo sport car beds, which are designed in red or white and include built-in remote-controlled lights, music and spoiler accessory.

For a true race car fan, you may want to opt for one of our super or hyper car beds, which will enhance the design of any bedroom and make your child beam with happiness. One of our most popular super car beds is the Speedster Ventura FS, its main features include a high-quality Knight Rider sound system, sliding lights and LED wheel lights. This bed is guaranteed to bring your child’s race room to life – with one press of the key fob your child will feel like they are a real-life racer.

One of our most realistic car beds Is our hyper style GT999 SLR with moveable doors so your child can climb into bed, as though they are stepping into their dream car. This also features working headlights and a race-car soundtrack, which will make your child feel like a Formula 1 star.

Why a single car bed is perfect for your child?


2. Space efficient

Our car beds come in various shapes and sizes so children with the smallest rooms can still enjoy one of our amazing single car beds.

The GT88 race car bed is specially made to fit in the tiniest of box rooms, with external measurements of 205 x 100 x 65 cm, you may even be able to fit some of our matching race car themed furniture alongside the bed.


3. Secure sleeping

Why a single car bed is perfect for your child?

All of our single car beds are extremely secure

and comfortable, as they have aptly fitted interiors and suitably raised side panels, which will ensure your child is protected whilst sleeping.

One of the safest car bed options is our GT999D race car bed, which features an extremely durable bed frame and base, which provides all the support your child needs. It also includes a leather interior and padding, which is used to ensure your child has the most comfortable and secure sleep possible.

Make bedtime exciting with the Car Bed Shop

Whether your child is a race-car fanatic or you are simply looking for theme inspiration for your child’s bedroom, a single car bed is the perfect choice!

At the Car Bed Shop, we provide high-quality and affordable car beds that will transform your child’s bedroom into the race track of their dreams, whilst also providing them with a safe and secure place to sleep.

For further information on our first-rate car beds, you can speak to one of our expert customer advisors via email or by calling 01924 463333.

Why a single car bed is perfect for your child?

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