, Why is bedtime reading important for toddlers?

Once upon a time, there was a parent…

Reading your child a bedtime story is an absolute must. We know what you’re thinking. You’re busy. You’re tired. It’s really late. You need some time to yourself. But we know you love your child and we think if you realised just how important bedtime reading was for your little one, you would make sure you did it.

In this article, we’ll give you everything you need to know about reading to your kid, including why it’s important, what you should read, and how you should do it.

Let’s begin.

1.  Reading aloud to your child stimulates their imagination

When you read aloud to your little one, they are no doubt imagining the scenes and characters in their head as you do. This is incredible for their imaginations. It means they are able to experience events and situations outside their own life experience, which helps teach them important emotions, such as empathy and sympathy.

They’ll start to picture other parts of the world, and alternative realities in the case of fairy tales. That’s wonderful for your child’s view of the world.

2.  Reading to your child helps them learn to speak

Reading to your children means they’re hearing more words. Perhaps they’ll try to copy them, or be inspired to engage you in conversation about what they are hearing, which is great for their language development.

Through hearing you speak, your kids will pick up the correct pronunciation of words, as well as proper grammar.

They’ll internalise this information until they recognise when something they say is incorrect.

3.  Reading to your children gives them a lifetime interest in reading

When you read to your kids, you expose them to a hobby that is good for them. Studies show that children who were read to when they were little are more likely to enjoy reading as a hobby when they are older, and reading form well-rounded, inspired and opinionated individual.

This world needs more of those!

4.  Reading to your children increases their attention span

Because children need to sit still and listen to a story or else they will miss an important bit, reading helps to increase their attention span. It teaches them to pay close attention.

Our advice would be not to overdo it at first. Start with ten minutes or so of reading a night, then slowly increase it as time goes on.

A good attention span will help your child perform well at school, and in other projects.

5.  Reading builds your child’s comprehension

If you hear the word ‘why’ five hundred times a day, you are almost certainly the parent of a toddler. This is because children are wired with a desire to build their comprehension. Books help children to do this.

As you read, your child will no doubt ask you lots of questions about why things are happening. This might feel a little irritating at time – especially if your child is supposed to be preparing for sleep – but remember that your child is trying to build their understanding, and helping them do it will create a more focused, well-rounded teenager and adult.

6.  Reading helps you bond with your child

We’re such incredibly busy as adults these days, it might feel like you get hardly any time alone with your children. When you do, it might feel a little bit frantic.

Reading at bedtime together gives you the opportunity to spend some peaceful bonding with your little one.

When you read together, you’ll share adventures, emotions and intrigue, and these are the best parts of storytelling. This roller coaster of emotions will bring you and your child closer together.

7.  It helps establish a bedtime routine

A bedtime routine is an important part of a child’s bedtime, because it tells their body to get ready to go to sleep.

A good bedtime routine contains several calming exercises, like taking a bath, listening to gentle music, brushing your teeth, and reading a book.

Incorporate bedtime reading into your child’s nightly routine for long enough, and your child will start to associate the activity with going to sleep.

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