Affordable Car Beds under £500

Affordable Car Beds under £500

If you are looking for a new bed for your car loving little one, the CarBedShop is the place to be.

We have a wide range of amazing car beds to suit the preference and taste of any car loving child. Our car beds come in a range of sizes and models for children ranging from 18 months all the way up to 15 years old. We’re sure your child will have a clear favourite within our wide range of models and styles.

Here at CarBedShop, we understand that you want a good quality bed for your little one at an affordable price. As a parent, we get that you want to put a smile on your child’s face without having to pay the Earth. We know your child’s happiness is your main focus but that you don’t want money worries. We also appreciate how pricey this time of year can be for a parent, with the lengthy Christmas shopping list and ever expanding loved ones to buy gifts for.

Bearing that in mind, we have some great news! Currently at CarBedShop, we have a great range of car beds on special offer, and currently selling for under £500. You won’t want to miss out on these offers for sure. Check out the current options we have below; each and every one with that great quality and impressive look but at an affordable price.

The GTR Race Car Bed

Our GTR Race car bed is a great option if you are looking for an affordable bed that fits a box room. The GTR Race bed comes in a range of colours such as white, red or black. This firm favourite also includes some very impressive features, including LED headlights, Bluetooth connectivity and car sounds, to give that impressive race car feel. You can currently purchase this car bed for an impressive £400. That’s a definite bargain if you ask us!

BMW M Sport Bed

Another great option under £500 is the BMW M Sport car bed. This amazing car bed is one of our most realistic options, with racetrack sounds and various interchangeable LED lights. The BMW M Sport also comes in a number of colour choices, including blue or red, and it has a spoiler to give it that extra race car feel. Like many of our car beds, the BMW M Sport is impact resistant and rigid, yet lightweight for maximum safety. This impressive option is available on sale for £450.


At CarBedShop, we also have a great range of car accessories at an affordable price. Our accessories could be a great option if you would like to add some of your child’s favourite interests into their bedroom without going all in with a car bed. They can also be a great add-on when purchasing a car bed if you want to continue with the race car theme. Our accessories include car themed duvet sets and rugs.

There’s also a bedside table/storage unit, a desk, and a set of drawers.

Other car bed options

Our sale items are definitely of great value! We also have a wide range of other products to choose from over £500 which may be more suited to your preference. These include different styles and functions of beds such as ottomans, police car beds, or GT Turbo race car beds. Feel free to browse our website and the various options to find the ideal car for your little one.

We know that over £500 is a lot of money to spend on a bed, but this bed is an investment into peace and quiet, and will last a long time. If you divide £500 by the number of nights your child will sleep in this bed, each night will cost you pennies.

Still, we know that’s a lot of money to pull out of nowhere, no matter how much you really want a car bed. Luckily, our affordable monthly payment option means you can split the cost across several monthly payments.

Affordable Monthly Payments

To support our customers even further, we offer different payment options to best suit everyone. Our payment plan includes offering interest free monthly payments on our car beds, so that there is no need to pay the full payment up front. You can choose which payment plan best suits you at checkout when purchasing your car bed.

The Best Prices Around

We are confident that we offer the best prices around. Our focus at CarBedShop is always great quality beds at the best affordable price. In the unlikely event that you are ever to find a cheaper price elsewhere, we will price match and offer a free accessory as a token gesture.

Browse our range

If you’re ready for a car bed, browse our amazing range. If you need any help or would like to discuss your options, call 01924 46 33 33.

You can also email and a member of our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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