A closer look at our newest products

A closer look at our newest products

We’re a growing company and like any growing company we are learning as we go. We know what our customers like and what they don’t like. We also know what our competitors are doing and because we want to challenge them we are always upping our game. That is why you will find new and incredible products on our website all the time, so don’t visit once and never return. The chances are there is something new to see on a fairly regular basis. We have some new products coming soon and, though you might not get them for Christmas, we would love to present them to you now, ready for the New Year! Here is a closer look at our newest products and their incredible features, fixtures and fittings. The CiLEK Coupe Race Car Bed Due in stock in the New Year, the CiLEK Coupe Race Car Bed comes with an attractive price tag of just £275. It is available in both white and red. This bed will transform a normal room into a fun and vibrant bedroom, and you won’t ever have to force them into bed again. This is a sporty style that has racing themed graphic patterns, special safety features for young children, three dimensional headlights, wheels, front panel and bumper, and easy assembly instructions.

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