What are car bed shop’s bestsellers?

What are car bed shop’s bestsellers?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your little one this Christmas, you might want the absolute best of whatever you buy.

Not the flashiest or the most expensive, but just the absolute best. The one everyone buys because it is the perfect blend of cost worthiness and quality.

Well, we’re here to help. If you are looking for a car bed for your child, we’re absolutely certain you will find the very best quality on the CarBedShop website whatever your budget.

So, without further delay, here are our absolute bestsellers.

Best seller for low spenders

If you’re a low spender, you’ll want our very best but very cheapest car bed. The CiLEK Coupe is just £275 and it is the absolute best car for those of you looking for a real bargain.

It’s red, like all the best cars are, and suitable for toddlers to teenagers. It contains amazing racing themed graphic patterns, contains safety features for younger children, is enriched with three-dimensional effect headlights, and has an incredible front wheel and bumper design.

It takes a standard 3’0 single mattress, so there is no messing around.

No wonder it’s a bestseller.

For the big spenders

Everybody loves the GT TURBO Ottoman Race Car Bed in white. It’s snazzy. It’s realistic and impressive. It makes a real statement. The additional storage it provides is just a plus.

With ultra glossy paintwork, LED headlights, wheels and underfloor lighting, your little one will be the envy of everyone who sees where they sleep.

The sides are raised and strong, so there are safety features that mean this is suitable for anyone, from toddlers to teenagers.

If you’re not fond of white, it also comes in red, blue and black.

Its other features include LED lights on front eye sides, lights on the wheels and side of body, sliding lights on the bumper, fog lights, sounds, and leather seats.

BMW lovers

People who love BMWs really love BMWs. You’ll know if your child is one of these people, because they won’t want any other bed or any other car.

There are lots of these children out there, which is why our BMW GTI Race Car is one of our bestselling car beds.

As if its striking blue colour wasn’t enough, this bed gets even cooler when you realise that a remote key fob operates the lights and sounds.

It has a rear spoiler, flame design and slender build, so it won’t take over the room with the intensity some of our car beds sometimes do. It also has alloy wheels and a high gloss finish.

For Ferrari lovers

Want something you can have in three to ten working days? This is the car for you.

Our Ferrari 458 Race Car Bed is back in stock and waiting for you.

It has Bluetooth connectivity, which means your little one can connect their favourite device to it. As well as the black you see here, it also comes in red and white.

Fuel their passion and imagination with this unmistakable and realistically designed car. The headlights and sidelights will illuminate the room and make your little racer believe they are ina  real life sports car.

Because this car accepts a standard single sized bed, it is suitable for your child for as long as they are small enough.

You won’t have to tell them twice that it is bedtime ever again.

Classic car lovers

Perhaps your little one has an eye for classic cars. If so, you will absolutely love our Mustang Race Car Bed.

Curvy and attractive, this bed comes with two opening doors, bluetooth connectivity, custom leather interior, LED wheel lights, LED lights under the bed, a remote control with different functions, and an ultra glossy finish across all aspects.

This product is expected in stock in the New Year and expected to sell out again immediately, so make sure you contact us to reserve yours if you really want one.


Not everyone wants an entire bed to create their miniature garage. Lots of people do it instead by accessorising their child’s bed with Car Bed Shop items.

Browse our duvet sets and rugs to add a subtle touch to your car lover’s bedroom from as little as £35.

Or, if you’re wanting something a little more substantial, you can browse our furniture range, which includes a storage barrel, shelves, dresser, wardrobe and desk.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, we would absolutely love to talk to you. Call us on 01924 46 33 33 and we would be happy to talk you through our range.

You can also email info@carbedshop.co.uk and a member of our dedicated team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Happy shopping!

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